RTW spawned a quantity of mods like no TW games ever before of after.

RTW Mods

Rome: Total war is the third instalment of a video game released by the British company creative assembly in 2000. The first opus, SHOGUN: TOTAL WAR set the tone for the rest of the series. The game was generally a turn-based strategy game with real-time battles and a large number of fighters, allowing you to develop real tactics. Subtle marriage between a complex campaign to manage and battles in which it takes a real tactical ability to defeat, beautiful landscapes and a "shogun" type atmosphere that would not have denied Kurosawa, the game was above all a popular success, carried by The players because he did not benefit, budget oblige, a massive promotion campaign.

Released in 2002, the second opus, MEDIEVAL: TOTAL WAR highly anticipated, resumed what had made the success of the first by adding refinements campaign and transported us in the Middle Ages. The year 2003 saw the addition like for shogun, of an add-on, Viking Invasions. Success was once again at the rendezvous, and the graphics in progress, although still modest.

It was in 2004 that the much anticipated Rome: Total War, immersing the fans of the series in full antiquity, period rarely exploited by video games, if not the legend of the game management par excellence, age Of empires. This time, what the official previews had foreshadowed was confirmed with the demo: The new opus took back the proven recipes of the first two while introducing a graphic level still unsurpassed for a tactical game allowing to manage more than 15 000 fighters on the field Of battle.

If we add the excited animations and camera views in the middle of the melee, the seats, weapons and peculiarities of the time, Rome: Total War quickly became very popular, and aroused a new and unexpected enthusiasm for antiquity. Just type in military terms about the antiquity on google and see the results to convince yourself. It was an award winning game and one of the best-selling category, marrying strategic campaign management, more tactics Elaborate, variety of units, and great show.

The number of mods devoted to this opus, far superior to the first two, and especially the duration of its use, the attachment of its fans and the new projects it arouses Or the use made of it by a television channel like History Channel, are all indications of its success. The mods alone have certainly extended the interest of the fans and the sales of the game, the company being bought by SEGA. The latter felt the good thing by ceasing the sale of the game alone and integrating it in a pack grouping the two first opus of the series...

Two add-ons served to extend the duration of the game, BI "barbarian invasions" based On a late Roman empire opposed to the hordes from the north and east, and Alexander, going back into the past and proposing to revive the epic of the great Macedonian conqueror. Finally, in 2006, came the latest album, even more awaited than the previous ones, notably because of an uncertainty concerning the chosen period. It was finally the medieval period, much to the surprise of many, which returned with MEDIEVAL II: TOTAL WAR. The promotion was made with a lot of screenshots of a surprising graphic quality, a level even higher than the previous one and even unprecedented for a game of strategy and tactics of this size.

The campaign however and management in general, picked up most of the previous opus without adding anything very revolutionary. This opus, like the previous one, provoked many mods, but whose creation was more laborious because of greater complexity. In 2009, with a year and three months delay (released in March), arrived EMPIRE: TOTAL WAR, which did not focus on the Napoleonic era, but the eighteenth century, 100 years after where MEDIEVAL II stopped.

The graphic quality has made progress but less spectacular. The novelties stem mainly from the management of naval battles, the tactics of the time (muskets and cannons) and a world map, according to the principle already outlined with medieval II and its late incursion into the Mesoamerican continent.


However, if RTW satisfied most players, criticism has emerged concerning in particular the historical realism, R: TW being optimized - it is doubtful for the playability. In addition, the UI was broken and there were still bugs, imbalances between factions and units, among other things. In the end, it was the fan community that seized it to improve many aspects. (See below). On the other hand, the pack 1.1, then the pack 1.2 released quickly, were eclipsed by the massive pack 1.3 which regulated many unpleasant aspects of the game, like that of shooting his own men because of a collision bug, and Many defects of the UI, very unconvincing.

On the right: Roman legionaries of the "vanilla" version of the game: Anachronistic legionaries and screaming colors for an awkward reconstruction of the Roman civil wars...


Rome: Total War and its extensions, Barbarian Invasion and Alexander added welcome improvements, Alex being especially praised for its enhanced AI.

In 2005, the Barbarian Invasion (BI) extension, which proposed a scenario in which the Roman Empire was at the end of its existence as a single entity (Two empires in fact, the western one, moribund and threatened By the barbarians to whom it will succumb, and that of the east, Byzantium, which will soon face the surge of Muslim armies, not to mention the hordes of the east whose famous Huns ... Among other things (new units and factions ), The game allowed nocturnal battles and swam across rivers... But loud colors and fanciful units were always de rigueur. The following year, while the interest for the game did not give way, thanks in particular To the many mods in existence, came the second and last expansion of the game, Alexander, which proposed a return to the time of the Macedonian conqueror, with a map extended to India and many new units.


Rome Total Realism 7 (RTR) was one of the successful iteration of this twelve-years old mod, still in evolution

The game being "moddable" (modifiable), veterans of Medieval TW soon shifted to the customization of their version of RTW. The first exhaustive, deep mod (new map, units, music, cities, UI, etc.) was RTR. It remains the most popular as of today, with EB and RSII as serious contenders. EB came later and is currently the most impressive by the magnitude of the conversion, pushing realism to authentic cultures due to long researches especially in local language...

A magic trio was established thereafter, and some mods like Roma Surrectum, which started slowly, was too quite a success. All the mods concerned RTW are not necessarily designed for the period -270 - 0 BC: Others came to propel the game in the archaic period, and a few on the Medieval Ages, one Squarely to the Napoleonic wars, and two others on the XVIth to XVIIIth centuries. A sign that everything was possible for impassioned and motivated die-hard fan of the game.

When released after a long anticipation in 2014, Roma Surrectum II has been praised as one of the most accomplished RTW mod ever.

Given the defects and possibilities of the original game, modders have been given a realm of possibilities and the tools to fulfil their projects. RTW came undoubtedly as one of the most modded perhaps in the history of video games... Imagination even tends to tire in the long run to find new concepts. It is necessary to know that a mod, which is played in a few hours to form an opinion, is above all a matter of very long, social life wrecker endeavour: It is difficult, after the initial enthusiasm of the creation, to keep the flame burning til the delivery at least of a working beta, and the finished "product", a steady rhythm, that could be followed by a elected few, many "tourists" only getting in for the show in the long run. For a solid concept mod, well sold, with a dedicated team, process takes an average of one and a half to four years or more, much more (See RSII and EBII)... It goes without saying that many teams disappear or change in composition, some modders being "mercenaries" participating in Many mods.

The mod graveyard is also full. Many mods were believed to have disappear and sometimes resurfaced to the general surprise, in spite of the absence of any communication. They are often the work of lone individuals who have the will to carry them out against all odds. Motivation above all, versatile skills and plenty of free time are prerequisites. Many mods like Rome: Medieval were done by single individuals, at 90% and more, with a few borrowings from other mods and contributions. The most successful mods like EB have involved up to 50 crew, but the level of investment is always more sustained for some. It is true that the constraints of "real life" are there to curb a too absolute immersion in what remains a leisurely creative work with, for some, media exposure and sometimes professional perspectives at the end of the tunnel...

Rome Total War Mods Repository

Here you'll have all mods that you can possibly try on RTW/BI/ALX exe. Complete with informations, videos, and download links, with the permission of the owners. Work in progress.


Darth Mod

Created by genius IA coder, Darth Vader, this mod has an entirely revised and corrected IA of very high level, well beyond the original game which pale in comparison... Only flat in appearance (few new units, vanilla skins, music and environment, few graphic change at all). However, although Darth withdrew from the project, passionate modders took over the torch and gradually improved it. The latest version (2012) has been revamped for the ALEX engine.

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XXGM Diadochi

Diadochi Total War

Greek total war is a mod among the oldest mods, intended to give the Hellenistic factions more room and units in the game, a true consistency. After a first opus, very "vanilla-like", the mod reached its final version with XGM diadochi which makes it a true, deep modification (new map, buildings, units, etc ..). Still relatively light but with tremendous gameplay possibilities, made by chief-modder RedFox, also creator of the very useful Zeus files checker tool.

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XHegemonia City States

Hegemonia City States

Created by and still being developped by Jarlaxe, the mod leader in 2006, a version of this mod was completed in 2008 by stickerj. New maps, factions: It is portraying the war of the Peloponese, and the Median and Persian invasions. Nice work, with many hoplites rosters, new buildings, new cities, a vast and beautiful realization set up in the classical era. The latest version, 0.99 released in 2014, also includes SigniferOne's animations and RS2 environment.

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XCasus Belli

Casus Belli

Italian mod, well endowed with the most beautiful skins of the time and many new realistic models. This mod was first only released in Italian. Based closely on the original RTW canvas, it still included units like gladiators and incendiary pigs howver, it had the vegetation entirely revamped. Campaigns are rather long in scope due to the 200-regions rich Mundus Magnus map.

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XRes Gestae

Res Gestae

Narrowingly based on the canvas of the original game but starting later (second Punic War) with many changes. The units are neat, but one observes a relative shyness once again in the design of non-Roman factions. The Roman units however are very well done and cared for as always, although mostly focusing on the late Roman army. Here is V3.1, waiting for V4.1+RS2 to be uploaded.

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Terra Expugnandae

Mod of Jack Lusted, now CA team member. RTW generic canvas, but a new map. The game was mainly aimed at improving the gameplay. Criticism: As always, well-groomed Roman units, but other factions a little forsaken. The latest version (2008) is called Exterme Mod and features superior AI (based on Alex), over 400+ new unit textures and models with new, well textured battlefield environments, huge Campaign map, 12 turns per year, new animations, models, etc.

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XPeninsula Italica

Peninsula Italica

Mod taking place at the time of Rome's independence from the Tarquini (6-4th centuries) and the struggle of the young republic to impose itself on the Italian peninsula, opposed to the Etruscans, Samnites, Umbrians, Campanians, etc. Release of the beta, a version for Medieval II has been released also, strangely using RTW models on the MTW2 engine. The latter has completely replace the former as PI 2.

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XPeninsula Italica

Peninsula Italica

Mod taking place at the time of Rome's independence from the Tarquini (6-4th centuries) and the struggle of the young republic to impose itself on the Italian peninsula, opposed to the Etruscans, Samnites, Umbrians, Campanians, etc. Release of the beta, a version for Medieval II has been released also, strangely using RTW models on the MTW2 engine. The latter has completely replace the former as PI 2.

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Xbattles of asia

Battles of Asia

This mod is a remake of Shogun: Total War. It revives the wars of samurai clans who have fired and blooded medieval Japan. There are 9: 7 Japanese clans (Hojo, Mori, Takeda, Shimazu, Imagawa, Uesugi, Oda), the Ming Dynasty (Chinese) and the Althan Khan Empire (Mongols). Beta playable. Critics: Replaces an old and dying Ran no Jidai with a certain panache, relatively laggy and with a working compaign.

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XNapoleonic TW

Napoleonic II

Created by the collective "The Lordz" which had already signed Napoleonic TTW on Medieval: Total War, this 2008 mod is a complete conversion of the game allowing to relive the Napoleonic battles. The Lordz was recognized for his uplifting work and created his own video game publishing company... Critics: Excellent and daring reconstruction, because the original game did not lend itself to it. With the last faction added, the Ottomans, the mod is considered complete although it lacks a campaign for it to be perfect. The later release of Napoleon TW and its own mod like NIII somewhat resolved the issue.

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XIberia TW

Iberia: Total war

Mod centered on the Iberian wars during the same period as the original game. It includes new factions (Lusitanians, Turdetanians, Ilergetes, Celtiberians ...) but also the Greeks, the Romans and their allies, the Gauls as well as the Carthaginians. It also includes a brand new map, units, campaigns, music, and historical battles.

Critics: Excellent both from the point of view of the units and the gameplay, massive battles and sound atmospheres well reconstituted. It is a quality Spanish mod. Development stopped after adding the latest factions and redesigning many units..

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Zhanguo TW

Created by a Chinese collective already noticed for its publications of games in network, it is a complete overhaul that concerns the Chinese history at the time of the kingdoms fighting. The first version ("zhanguo") allows to play 5 factions on a reduced map and starts in 525 av. JC. The second (Three Kingdom) offers 20 factions on a very enlarged map on BI. The action takes place in 194 BC. JC. Under the Han. The modding includes Chinese cities, to the delight of the players and which is rare enough to be noted.

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Invasio Barbarorum

Created by the collective that signed "Europa Barbarorum", it is a realistic historical mod and full conversion based on the official extension "Barbarian Invasions" (RTW 1.6). In fact, you will not play vanilla BI anymore after this. The first edition was "Flagellum Dei", many more followed. Extended now by Rio and its regular sub-mods. Critis: New map, realistic units, large rosters, excellent gameplay and interminable battles. Hardcore, just like your average EB game.

IBFD on Moddb IB:Ultra Gloriam Romae

Troy:Total War

Allows to replay the Trojan War about 1400 BC. Detailed map from Italy to Asia Minor. Includes in 2006 brand new factions, music and Bronze Age units (including Mycenaean, Cretan, Hittites ...). Critics: Good longevity, average difficulty, interminable battles, relatively laggy, some pb. with .gloss textures, small units, only two custom battlegrounds. Since, a Russian team developed Bronze Age:TW, while another team created the refined Aristeia:TW.

TTW on Moddb TTW 4.5 mf
XArthurian TW

Arthurian: Total War

Allows to play the wars of the Arthurian cycle on a huge, detailed map of England (2009). Many factions and new units. Surprising by the level of research on dark age Britain, well done and documented. However it inherited many aspects of Invasion Barbarorum, some units, but also its interminable battles. See also: https://www.tapatalk.com/topic/709895-16850. The latest version if called the "Raven feeders" and came in option with RS2 environment (recommended), a patch, a fan patch and a music pack.

On moddb Raven feeders v07.3.1

Chivalry: Total War

A complete modification, converting the previous opus Medieval: Total War to the engine of Rome: Total war. Includes new factions, units, graphics, building, interface, map and music. Continuous development and Byzantine sub-mod. Review: Excellent title, good immersion and a fresh new experience compared to RTW. Modding pushed far enough with new castles and fortresses, new siege engines, but also a brand new building management tree, bringing extra dimensions to the gameplay. Light, thanks to the reasonable skins and simple models. Plethoric recruitment through AOR, long battles, improved AI. With the release of Medieval II however, it quietly lost its appeal, especially with a mod like Stainless steel. But still a good option for an old laptop.

Chivalry on moddb Chivalry TW v1.051

Crusades: TW

A medieval mod to replay the crusaders and Saracens in the Holy Land. Includes a new map, music, units... A total immersion, although only two factions are available, their rosters are huge and their units are among the most beautiful ever created by far. Fairly light to play it is moderately hard. For those who have seen "kingdom of heaven" (Ridley scott) the mod offers the very same atmosphere.

b The Crusades v1
XAb Urbe Condita

Ab Urbe Condita

Just another RTW mod. Overhaul for Rome: Total War, featuring an array of additional content, including new units, an AOR mercenary system, an expanded campaign map and graphical improvements (among many other amendments).

On moddb AUC 5.2 Platinum
XOgniem i Miegzem

Ogniem i Miegzem

"With Fire and Sword" (Polish translation of OiM) is both a famous novel and early 2000s movie about the complicated relations between the Ukrainian Cossacks and Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth against the Ottoman Turks in the XVIIth Century. This wonderful mod, both because its unique era, never properly treated, timespan (30 years war) and location, it included lush rosters and many factions including some Western ones like the Swedish and Austrians but also the famous Crimean Khanate, Venetian Republic, Moldavian Principality, Imeretian Kingdom, Duchy of Kurland and Zemgaly, Walachian Dukedom, Hohenzollers, Montenegro, Dukedom of Transylvania, Sefethids, Great Don Cossack Army and Zaporozhian Cossack Army.

b OiM 1.2

European Wars

Created by veteran modder KLA (King Louise Assurbanipal), this was a sub-mod of Napoleonic II featuring the 30 years war between the great powers of the time in the XVIIth Century. Musketeers, Pike and shot help making this mod giving light to a largely forgotten era (including the Total War serie that directly jumps to the XVIIIth Century with Empire:TW. Only custom battles available. It's a beta, working on the napoleonic mod.

EW on TWC Center European Wars beta full

Ancient Empires Elysium

AAE (Ancient Empires Elysium) started as a TWC, set to bring a fresh new experience to RTW, with a new map, lush vegetation, exquisite new unit models, improved AI, new buildings trees, AOR, traits & ancillaries, etc.

On Moddb AEE beta AEE Patch 1.0
XRan No Jidai

Ran no Jidai

RnJ is one of the most ancient and ambitious RTW mod, together with the defunct Inca Total War. It was left for dead for years, and eventually released in 2014. Working on BI, it focuses on the civil war that engulfed feudal Japan following the Onin War and the weakening of the Ashikaga Shogunate. It has been developed by lead modder echuu (Kagemusha) since the beginning. Now there is a playable 2.0 version and patches 2.6 and 2.8. Notice: Bugged on steam. Crashes at launch.

RNJ on moddb RNJ 2.0

Gods & Fighting Men

This history began many centuries before the rise of Rome, far to the west in the land of Eire. This was the story of brave warrior-poets and fearful druids and enchanters, the story of the gods and fighting men of Ireland... This mini-mod borrows some of the models of Arthurian: Total War, but meet the hero-god Lugh of the Long Arm. Tuatha De Danann struggle against a foul race of invaders known as the Fomor, led by Balor of the Evil Eye... Based on the Alex engine.

On moddb GAFM Public built 1.0
XAristeia TW

Aristeia Total War

This superb and darky, "sepia" mod, best played on Alex in HD, is a complete reboot of Troy:Total War. Elegantly made, this is a complete conversion, with roighly the same factions, map, but brand new HD skins, environment and a dedicated haunting theme. Some features are quite unique like Heroes, singular units of great stats.

Aristeia on Moddb Aristeia 1.0
XWarlords of Sparta

Warlords of Spartha: Total War

This small mod is best played with Alex engine. It was developed by Halie Satanus (lead), Makanyane, Aradan, MasterOfNone and Uranos. Features the classical Greece Thermopylae era events of the Persian invasion, the legend of Leonidas and the brave 300. outside Sparta, there are many factions of the Greek alliance, and the Persians on a new dedicated map.

On moddb 300 WoS

Rise of Persia

This is the complete reverse of the previous mod, as you are supposed to lead the Persian Empire from India to the Mediterranean. The year is 559 B.C, the four greatest empires divide the known world. The Medes, their mighty empire, expanding their frontiers from the far east all the way to Asia Minor. The Lydians, their rich empire, dominating almost all of Asia Minor and soon to expand even further. Egyptians, their long standing empire, gains wealth in their regions stretching from Syria to the north, and Ethiopia to the south. Chaldeans, their unrivalled, fabulously rich city of Babylon gains wealth, expanding their territories dominating all of Mesopotamia. Kingdoms and empires fight for total domination to rule the world. One nation is about to change the fate of the world forever. For RTW 1.5 or Alex. Latest version 2.22 September 2008.

RoP website moddb ROP v2.2

Blue lotus

Blue Lotus TW is the kind of mod that can fed your nightmares. Inspired by legends and ancient myth from Asia as a whole, it features the Japanese, Koreans, Mongols, Indians and a whole range of Ghouls, ghosts, undeads, vampires and strange or monstruous creatures from hell, set to swallow them all. Playable on RTW 1.5, dating back 2006. New map, dedicated traditional music, playable factions.

Blog Blue Lotus 2
X Ghengis Khan TW

Ghengis Khan TW

Total conversion for BI expansion lead by the russian modders Nhinhonhinho (leader), kirush2 and Allevander. It focused on the rise of Genghis Khan and its empire. The campaign starts in 1206, when Temudjin is proclaimed Genghis Khan, leader of all the Mongols. The campaign, covering the main part of the Asian continent, allow you to play 20 different factions, each one with its own strengths and weakness, and to build and empire... Latest one MTW v0.16 05/09/2016

moddb MTW v0.16
X Nusantara TW

Ghengis Khan TW

Total Conversion of RTW-BI on the 1500 invasion of Java and Sumatra by the Portuguese. The mod was promising but as often, never finished. It stayed in its first release 5.0 woth custom battles only, lost of missing unit pics, and some crashes, just five maps for custom battles and no working campaign although the maps was done. A shame. It has been abandoned since. It is currently stored on ancient-battle.com - quite original and exotic

Read More Nusantara v0.5

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Making a mod, with all the work, but also attention, talent and competences included, is for fans only. So, if you are a true fan of rome : Total war, you will not find here some revolutionary news, but some impression about the mods a real fan have tried. And if you are a stranger to this game, be welcome and discovering the world of Rome : total war, of the serie created by the Creative Assembly years before. Yes, the true story began in 2000 with Shogun : total war. This was at this time the only strategic turn-by-turn game that offered this combination of semi 3d, tactic and strategy map and a game who depict the Japanese wars of the XVI century, a period well shown by Akira Kurosawa.

It was an immediate success, and was followed by "medieval: total war" in 2002. Success confirmed with new graphics and a brand-new strategy features that make more fans than ever; And then, it was the big surprise of 2005 : CA had make one of the very rare games featuring classic era battles. The first screens where, in 2005, astonishing. How such units (with a 3-d graphics quality unseen before), could be thousand on the battlefield?... Then, the first demo was released, and the players realise that it was no fake. Huge success. Rome ; Total war was chosen by the BBC history channel to make some reconstructions of epic real past battles. All the press was unanimous; R:TW became a phenomenon.

After months of hard play, indeed, the first critics came; the strategic feature were not as rich as those of medieval TW, the UI was (in the very first version), almost disastrous, as example, the collision course of arrows makes the lines of archers and slingers killing their owns... The UI generals charged to suicide, skirmishers who must draw off behind fellow lines don't make it on time and were routed by cavalry charge, or a cavalry often make charge too late, UI reinforcement make units running on mountains up to exhaustion, be crushed by tower arrows on city walls, etc...

The 1.2 and 1.3 packs where soon released and a lot of bugs corrected. Other critics concerned the inacurracies. But as CA has conceived it, R:TW was first a kid game, made for fun, with clear bright colours to differentiating units, big banners, and a lot of fun units as wardogs, flaming pigs, fighting druids, Germanic crying women, Britons head hurlers, Sarmatian virgins... A lot of historical inacurracies, including an egyptian faction with a completely anachronistic style, just not to have a greek more faction (featuring zulu-like nubians !).

Later, the first extension came: Barbarian invasions, featuring a decadent two-head Roman Empire (west empire or Roman empire and the Byzantine one) and hordes of brand-new barbarian factions, the plot was to resist to this invasions with a huge but weakened Roman empire, the end of the story began thousand years before with Rome:total war. It was not a revolution, but this addon bring some new features as night battles, rivers crossings (some units can swim), hordes, and picked-up generals. Soon, critics came, historical innacuracies, of course, but at a minor level, since the so-called "dark ages" peoples who are depicted are for the most barbarian factions featuring a supposed same unit style, are not well-known... But again, some fun but fake units and vivid colors.

Only one first mod, to my knowledge, was born to correct these inaccuracies, showing the lack of interest for the period: Invasio barbarorum, from the same team that released Europa Barbarorum (see later).

Medieval total war was moddable, and was modded, in fact, with the most two famous projects released, to my knowledge, Hellenic total war, featuring the peloponnesus war in a brand-new map with brand-new units, far away, the Napoleonic wars... So when R:TW appears, the bulk of the first modders of it were medieval:TW veterans modders, experienced and motivated... With the help of the forum community, new mods appears soon. The very first and bigger one was R:TR (Rome:Total realism), that was made to correct the historical innacuracies of the game, but including new map, new factions, units, a lot of coding... this was a reference before EB ("Europa Barbarorum"), a monument, the biggest mod ever based on the original R:TW plot. This mod was focused especially on barbarian tribes, the poorest in the original game, but also changed all could be changed. This modding style is the most ambitious one, and of course a big challenge for a whole team.

RTR and EB are not the only ambitious mods based on this event. SPQR, Roma Surrectum, now Casus Belli, and in the past RTG (Rome Total Gameplay), Legio, or Barebones, are all focused on the original plot of R:TW. They belonging a lot of mini-mods, featuring a particular faction, or enhanced the UI (Darth mod), or having a new huge map (Mundus magnus), etc... Some mods combine those constant progress.

Like in medieval:total war, true complete historical conversions were made : The most famous was from the same team (now a video game team) that made napoleonic total war. The Lordz released napoleonic II for R:TW. They never find the time or will to convert the game for campaigns, but it is one of the most impressive conversion ever. Of course, the units were completely changed, featuring rifle battle lines and guns, even rockets, with new 3d models, skeletons and animations. An incredible amount of time and dedication... This mod opened the door to new gunpowder age historical conversion like "citadel total war" (a demo released but the mod was abandoned since the new of release of Medieval II: TW). On the same way, and with much work, Ogniem i miegzem, featuring the wars between east Europeans (and especially the mighty Cossacks) against the Ottoman empire at his height.

Two other historical mods where based on the older titles of Total war: Ran no jidai to remake shogun:total war (now dead but in fact relived with Battles of Asia), and Chivalry : total war, to remake medieval:total war. This last was well released and a full playable full conversion, including new buildings. It allowed to work on another medieval mod focused on the crusades, "The crusades : total war". The will to have asiatic epic battles lead to a very first minimod, "T'sin total war", where the Parthian kingdom was fictiously replaced by the T'sin Faction. The rest of the game was unchanged. Two other asiatic mods, but focused on the chinese past were made by Chinese R:TW fans: Zanguo : total war, and later "Three kingdoms": total war".

Well, now return in the past of europe, seeing three interesting mods : Most of the true fans of Rome:total war are history lovers. Some had the idea to give life to the epic tale of homer, and worked on troy : total war. This successful mod depicted the city of Troy and their neighbours, including the Mycenian kingdom, ready to conquer the whole Greece, and in the east, the Mighty Hittite empire. This mod featuring a lot of brand-new units and new factions, on a new map, focusing on east mediterranean, greece and asia minor. This is the oldest mod in time plot (1200 bc).

Others had read Herodotus, and began to work on Rise of Persia : total war, featuring of course the persian rise and conquest of west Greek factions. Brand new factions, including greek famous city-states, but also true ancient egyptians, phoenicians, Assyrians, and of course, Persians, on a new map extended from the south-east italian boot to north india. Those who had read thucydides made a mod based on the immediate following period, and same plot as the old "hellenic total war" based on medieval total war. This gave birth to Haegemonia city states, or Hegemonia : total war. This is a BI 1.6 based well awaited mod, featuring a lot of city-states in a huge map of Greece, aegean sea and west asia. Those who had read Polybius, created two other mods, "Iberia total war" focusing on the Iberian peninsula and featuring local factions as the Lusitanians, celtiberians, Ilergetes, turdetani... And a more recent one, Punic : total war.





Others had read also Plutarch and some roman classics, and worked on the well-awaited Peninsula Italica:total war, featuring the war for hegemonia that rome had to make against other powers of the italian peninsula; Including of course the Romans in 338-222 bc, but also, Etruscans, Umbrians, Campanians, samnites and other peoles, and powerful city states as Syracuse... A sort of prequel of Rome : total war.

Other time, other site, the only one other mod based on the "dark ages" is now "Arthurian total war", depicting the Britain in 476 ad, after the fall of the roman empire, and wars between Irish, Welsh, Angles, Saxons, etc... The only one ever? See "project", for one of my personal other mod idea, Franks : total war. To finish this part, it would have been quite impossible to not talk about the more original mod in project, well-advanced now: Inca : total war. This mod focusing on rise of the Inca empire, with of course, a brand new map of south america, new units, factions, and even weapons, 3d models and skeletons animations; The release, a few time after the launch of the mod, of Medieval II : total war (see later) featuring Aztecs, diminishing a bit his originality, but since MIITW is too heavy for small configurations, Inca : Total war still have sunny days toward...

Fantasy mods

The huge battles that allowed the core of Rome:total war led some fans to imagine other mods than only historical based ones; When Peter Jackson revealed on screen the famous trilogy of the Lord of the rings, that ave a new shuffle to the fans and a first mod was soon released : Middle earth:total war. It was followed by what is now one of the must praised mod, with several released campaigns, Fourth age : Total war. This would be the most complete conversion, but the final version is yet not released. Some role-playing game fans had the will to mod Rome:total war, giving birth to the Warcraft universe, with "warhammer-total war". This is personally the only mod i never tested. Of course this is the actual RTW title nowadays, attracting a new generation of players but definitively breaking with the "old guard" veteran die-hard fans of the early, historically based pre-steam serie.
Fourth Age Total War. LOTR universe has beeing widely treated since, on RTW, MTW2 and even RTW2.

Another, quite original mod with special mention was Blue Lotus:total war. Its plot is based on Asiatic Mythology. This is a complete conversion and immersion, featuring brand-new units (with some very funky Demon, undead, ghostly ones!) and one of the best musical and ambient selection ever. Another released mod is based on the Vampire and in general devil mythology, giving birth to "End of days : Total war". Others projects featuring an Atlantis rise, or a Wheel of time, and others ideas based on some fantastic and sci-fi novels are more or less in sleeping after failing to attract a crew and generating more than a few unit conversion screenshots. See also RTW mods on moddb.com