Rome Total Realism

RTR Platinum

First ambitious mod created, aims as its name suggests to give the game a greater historical realism. The latest version is the Gold 6.0 for RTW 1.2. A version for RTW 1.5 has also been created, RTR Platinium, which is in version 1.8. Note that now developers have added to this RTR platinium 1.9 masterpiece that works both on RTW and on BI. RTR has provoked many vocations and now, after almost two years of calm, returns through sub-mods of high quality as the hamilcar campaign in spain (ICT).

Ancient Empire Elyseum or Extended Realism, as well as Fate of the Empires or the future RTR7 in development. Most: Attached (nostalgia of the first mod), light (normal skins size and simple models for the units), limited rosters, vanilla environment. Numerous campaign scripts, new buildings, AORs, and Mundus Magnus map allow to play a fairly stable campaign, but a bit easy according to some. This was gradually improved on RTR VII and RTR VIII. Since then, RTR has been ported on Rome II engine. FOE (Fate of Empire) is quite a potent submod based on RTR VII.

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