Roma Surrectum

RS2 Factions

Mod taking over the classic period of the game but with 35 legions, a new map as well as many other improvements. The mod is relatively laggy due to the very detailed Roman units. It was regrettable, however, that this quality was absent for the other factions in first version, called 1.5. The highly anticipated version RS2 complemented the other non-Roman factions with a number of units of a detail, a realism and graphical level unmatched at the time. Among other details, models had all proper hands, not polygon blobs.

Roma Surrectum is one of the three monuments of RTW modding community: The others two (that had their own standalone page) are RTR (Rome Total Realism) and EB (Europa Barbarorum). All three are as close a the perfect RTW could have been, each in its own way and flavour. They just cast an immense shadow on every other mods, CATW included. By themselves they allowed RTW to be sold again long after Medieval II, and even during the Steam Era, Rome II included. For computers not powerful enough to run RTW2 and players which wants a more in-depth, less streamlined campaign, RS2 is really a must. Even RTW2 does not provide the possibility to use region-based legions with their own design!

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