Europa Barbarorum

EB Factions

(EB) Second deep modification of the game, it emphasizes the barbaric factions by offering many new units, but also new factions (Yuezhi, Arverni, Aedui, Epirus, Bactria...), new units and The largest map derived from Mundus Magnus, which extends from Ireland to Western India. The current version is V.1.2. EBII was ported on medieval II and highly anticipated before release. Review: My number one. The mosts: More advanced than RTR, with huge rosters and a very large number of original units, realistic and well-made map, unprecedented level of researches and accuracy, great difficulty and complexity of campaign (lots of new buildings and scripts), dedicated music, new IA and forms of governments, ect. Less: Difficult finances.
Hanging Gardens battle

This is an absolute must. I've played it normal, as it was harder than most mods even on very hard. The depth of this mod is just baffling. There is nothing coming near it. EB 2 ported on medieval 2 was long awaited, but after its delivery after RTW 2 official release, it attracted a lot of fans and is probably more played than RTW 2 by this fringe of players anyway, as it requires more patience, skills and has way more depth than RTW 2 anyway. A must to try, like RS2 and RTR8. It was also a great deal of inspiration for CATW as well. Just brilliant.

Example of development tree of Nomadic government

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