Classical-Age : Total War is a mod based on Rome: Total War strategy turn-by-turn videogame created by Creative Assembly in 2004, and now integrated into the "total war era" pack distributed by SEGA. It's on a graphical forums that three history nerds, Belisaire, prisejack and Arminius, after enjoying RTR and EB, decided to build up their own mod.

Only Arminius, initially only focused on the skinning process, took on the matter after a beta1 released in october 2007. This demo featured almost 28-30 units rosters per factions, more historically accurate, and three new factions replacing the roman families: The Illyrians, Pergamum and the Galatians. The mod was kept light, while having colorful custom battles with standard size skins and RTW BI and later Alex models from vanilla game, as none in the team was versed in 3d modelling.

But soon after, as the target was considered filled, the team gently dismissed, and Arminius (the author of the actual mods and webmaster) embarked into the task as making a true campaign game. CATW BETA2a was eventually released in September, 2008. It had new units from add-ons and mods like Prometheus's Res Gestae and Lusted's Terra Expugnandae, anims from Signifer One, and new ships, new buildings and a lot of specific region units, the mod featured new music, graphics. It was fully playable, including original and new historical battles, new battle maps, etc, and working campaigns, although still the original Roman families and same timeframe.

However it was entirely in French. An English translation was made two month after. The second version or Beta2b (final beta2) was previously designed to play on the Mundus Magnus map, which never worked properly. The work was reported on the final version, or Catw 1.0, later upgraded to 1.1. This version was eventually superseded by CATW 2.0 in 2014 (most initial work was already done in 2008-2010) which comprised a brand new array of novelties and some RTW community modders participations as a subforum was created.

CATW 1.1, the new generation

How could be summup this mod ?
In short, this was the will to have a fully working mod, campaigns included, on Mundus Magnus maps, with all possible modifications. This included:
  • 200+ Brand new proper 3d models: Although largely based on the former poly models, they had many extra hidden elements allowing multiple headgears, weapons, on the same skin, thanks to tips from DVK801 modeller/skinner from the acclaimed Roma Surrectum II
  • HD skins: That is twice the size of normal textures applied to the 3d models, 512 instead of 256 pixels. On vanilla only generals had these large skins.
  • Ultra realistic standards. Instead of the vanilla "drawing-paintings" look, ALL textures are coming from the real world, leather, fabrics, metal, armoured scheme, cuirasses and helmets, authentic decorations, real life faces...
  • Giant rosters: Up to 40 units including those of AORs almost for each faction. To bypass EDU's limitation to 500 entries, many units have two names. Both EDU and DMB has been optimise to the last bit for the largest rosters ever in a RTW mod.
  • New environment: RS II developed a brand new vegetation, terrain textures, and all environment features were changed. It was proposed generously as a standalone mod and is integrated in catw.
  • New buildings:
  • AOR (Area of Recruitment) is emphasised with new building enabling to recruit local auxiliaries and mercenaries.
  • More authority:
  • EDB was thoroughly modified. Many buildings related to security, authority (like military barracks) now strengthens public order.
  • Challenging start:
  • Factions starts with quite a generous and colorful army, but independent factions are all but hostile and have huge rosters in 300 BC. It's though even for the Romans which start with a relatively weak Camillian army, surrounded by Samnites and Gauls.

CATW 2.0, the 2014 release

More on the topic later.

Video Courtesy of naxzul666

New in December: CATW 04 !

CATW is back !

Recently i was taken by a bit of nostalgia and i wanted catw to work properly on steam (catw 1.0 actually works with the DVD-version only).
Also the old catw units were asked for, and RTW is now available on tablet/ipad, so in November i embarked on the project of having a "light" version of catw with these old units, based on vanilla RTW, BI and Alex models and catw skins, but with also a fully working campaign on steam.
So, after some tweaking up and the help of Redfox zeus checker, here it is, an intermediate version of catw, never released before !

This is basically Mundus Magnus map set up in 280 bc and you can start with any faction (but the former Senate and Scipii, waiting to be converted respectively as the Mauryans and Sabaeans to take advantage of the map), but of course you can play with the Epirots and Pyrrhus himself stationed in Magna Grecia (Southern Italy) with his mighty army and try to rewrite history.

You can play either with RTW/BI and Alex. Download it (1st zip version) and (latest 7z version).

And merry christmas, or else.